Muhammad Sheehab

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur.

Who am I?

I’m Muhammad Sheehab, Studying Computer Science and Engineering at North South University, Bangladesh. I am also a Web Developer and Entrepreneur. I have worked on many projects in several Marketplaces with great success. Now working on my digital marketing agency(Ez Digital) that provides the best services.


What I do

We at EZ Digital, offer the highest-quality services and solutions to both local and distant clients regardless of their geographical location.
I work closely with my clients on each project to create not only an amazing product that will help the business grow but to create a long-term relationship of trust and caring.

My Skills

Java, C++. Python, HTML, CSS,  JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, & Data Sceince.

For inquiries: sheehabx[at]gmail.com or Contact[at]Sheehab.com